Private Label & Co-Packaging

PackagingPrivate Labeling and Co-Packaging are specialties of Old World Spices & Seasonings.

Customers frequently ask Old World to manufacture and label many of our own products under their brand.  This is referred to as Private Labeling. It is also considered private labeling when our lab develops a product specifically for a customer’s proprietary use.

In comparison, Co-Packing involves a formula owned by the customer and given to Old World to manufacture and package according to their specifications.

Either process would begin with a confidentiality statement being signed by both parties.  This agreement provides assurance that any formulas given to Old World will be manufactured exclusively for the owner of the formula, or that our identity as the manufacuturer of the customer’s private label or co-packed products will not be disclosed by Old World.

Old World will package your retail, specialty gourmet, or food service products to your specifications, correctly and on time.  Strict confidentiality, quality control, careful communication, and sensitivity to your deadlines, make Old World your best cost partner in private label and co-pack production.

Custom Packaging Capabilities

We offer a wide array of packaging options for blended ingredients in the following materials:

  • Vertical Form and Fill Flexible Packaging
  • Pre-Printed Film & Pouches
  • Pre-Made Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Zippered Pouches
  • Retail and Food Service Plastic Bottling
  • Cartons
  • Food Service Sizes
  • Super Sacks
  • Bulk Boxes
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